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Top 10 Best Photos on BeScouted in 2016

2016. What an exciting year it was!
We have been sitting  with folks in a co-working space on a new years eve, browsing images uploaded by BeScouted members. I have decided to share a few from the ones they loved the most as the hardest work to pick out the best was already done by them anyway 🙂

This year BeScouted – an Online Casting Solution has been growing more than 400% and all of this was thanks to our amazing community that was sharing their awesome work, creating casting calls that allow to find models, photographers, makeup artists, hair and wardrobe stylist and other freelance talents for the photoshoots and other creative projects.

Almost one thousand new casting calls for a product that has just launched tells us that we are on the right track to build a modern casting platform and disrupt old, inefficient, time consuming and expensive methods that obstruct creativity.
BeScouted has encountered expected resistance from old industry veterans that have to change the way they work or go away but are still trying to keep afloat by utilizing their inflated authority which they have built during long years of inefficient operations of paper mail delivered by horses and cord phone calls. Guys…. wake up…. We have internet. It’s 2017.

Progress is inevitable and they have to adapt in order to survive. Power is shifting to independent freelance models, photographers, cinematographers, makeup artists and all other freelance talents because these are the people who do all the actual work and create art. We would like to express our gratitude for your support and wish you creative and rich 2017.

Retoucher: Daumantas Kryziusbathroom couple extended retouch retouching bescouted photography find model photographer Photographer: Natalie Shau
Lady, dog, room, leash, red, stockings, bescouted
Photographer: Dan Hecho
cat house naked flowers bescoutedPhotographer: Dainius Ščiuka Model: Gertruda Zilyte Style: Karolina Meschino
photographer model blue bescoutedRetoucher: Mindaugas Navickas Model: Bertas Ulozevičius
retoucher neptune god retouching bescouted talent redPhotographer: Rod Clemen Model: Anna MakeUp: Lisa Christiansen
model photographer bescouted, white lineModel: Annette Elighter
interior model dress nice adorable prettyPhotographer: Ruslan Bolgov Model: Aušra Agintaitė
color colorful umbrella yellow model bescouted park autumn treesModel: Viktorija Spalvytė
freckles model portrait photography talent member bescouted findPhotographer: Patrick Creemers
B&W black and white model interior fashion nude artisticPhotographer: Timothy Copsey Model: Carla North
Tim Copsey portrait UK Britain makeup Carla classic black and white bwThis is just a few images from countless pool of artwork shared by our community members and i have added a link of Top Photos on BeScouted. If you liked the images above take a minute to appreciate the rest of it.

2017 will bring even more excitement as we are adding cinematographers and actors to our talent pool. Also we are talking to the biggest Production Houses, Advertising Agencies most renown Freelance Producers to cast for amazing variety of projects from commercials to movies starting from February 2017.

Sign Up  today, to create your Model or Actor profile and you might be invited to take a part in the next big movie or participate in a fashion show. Be Discovered. BeScouted.