Everybody Can Be A Star

Introducing BeScouted Photo Awards

Hi to all beautiful and talented people out there!

This week BeScouted is introducing new functionality starting with the Photo of The Day contest. Five photos will be selected based on community promotes and algorithm that has been specifically developed for this task will automatically select the winners to make such a vote as fair as possible. Each winning photo will have a “Photo of The Day” badge attached to it to indicate the proud winners.

We will be adding more award titles, like Photo of The Month in the nearest future and we are currently negotiating with possible sponsors to add prizes and maybe even cash money for such winners so that you can buy a new lens, set of makeup brushes or whatever you like just by doing what you love to do!  And there will be a corresponding badge to indicate the winner,  sitting on his profile proudly.

So upload your best work, invite your friends as having more followers will increase your chances of winning.

Here are a few Photo of The Day winners.  See more on BeScouted.Kamilė Kleivaitė 2 Deimantė Jakubovskytė Elena Vaitkevičiūtė