Everybody Can Be A Star

What Reliability rating is and why it is so important on BeScouted.

We are approaching a point when BeScouted will start bringing businesses to the platform to offer the community members more and more paid projects to participate in. Thus getting closer to our ultimate goal which is connecting businesses with photography and fashion industry professionals.

Every business or individual will be able to create a project to find freelancers that will help them to create images for their advertising and social campaigns or other needs they might have. Businesses love freelancers, as they are flexible, creative, produce amazing results and there have been many tries on other platforms to connect demand and supply but they are not working to the full extent due to one simple reason – Reliability.  And reliability is very important to business as failure to produce content in time may result in failed campaigns and loss of money. Providing reliable talents is one of the services that agencies do and that is one of the reasons why many of those businesses are still willing to pay extra for the service.


BeScouted is introducing reliability rating that will be based on participation in Creative Projects on It will be anonymous and spread in time to make it as objective as possible. Usually working and fair ratings are hard to achieve, and require development of certain prerequisites and features which had been implemented in a unique Creative Projects tool that BeScouted offers to find and manage freelance talents while saving time and lowering frustration that arises when you need to manage multiple people in one project.

Reliability rating will be working as an indication how reliable each BeScouted member is and will make selection of right candidates easier. At the same time, it will be binding as talents who apply to one of the many projects will have to make sure that they carry out their end of the bargain to the completion and do not let other members of the project down. Many of you who are reading this and have been in different photoshoots know, that sometimes certain people tend to fail the whole team and this is unacceptably frustrating.

Application to the project will have more commitment now, but the results will be rewarding. Businesses or other members who are casting for their projects will surely pay attention to the fact how reliable certain candidate is and having high reliability rating will greatly increase your chance to get selected for a photoshoot or a paid job. Evaluation will work both ways, members will evaluate project owner, and project owner will be evaluating each member of the project.

So create your photoshoot project on or apply to one that you like, treat other members with respect be professional and have fun while building your amazing portfolio with strong reliability rating.


The BeScouted Team