Everybody Can Be A Star

Popularity on BeScouted

We have a rating that tells you how popular any given member on BeScouted is. Benefits are obvious, the more popular you are the higher you will appear in the member search results. We love things simple. So it is called…. Popularity. Simply put it is a value of all promote actions you receive on you profile.


Promote functionality is available for registered members only in order to make sure that your popularity is a reflection of other community members’ opinion about your work and actions. Each promote adds one point to your overall popularity.

A few things can be promoted for now. First of all, it is all photos that you add to your profile. You are limited to 10 images on any of your profile types. This is done in order to assure the quickest preview of any given candidate for a project, so you should only put your best images there.

Create Projects! Projects are a great way to increase your popularity. Once you upload photos to any finished project all these images can be promoted too. Since you must have at least one member confirmed for your project each promote will give a popularity point to all confirmed photo shoot participants.


Finished projects itself can also be promoted and will also add a point to your popularity. The more promotes a project has the higher it will appear in Finished Photoshoots list.

Don’t forget. You can have multiple profile types on your single account Photographer/Retoucher, Model/Make Up Artist, Hair/Wardrobe stylist et. All depending on your skill set.

So upload your best images to your profiles, create or participate in creative photography projects and become most popular person in your town, country or the whole world. BeScouted.