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Creative Projects Screens Revealed

Psssst… short announcement. We have prepared a few screenshots to give you an idea what Creative Projects will look like in Casting and Finished stages after we launch it early in January right after you all get back on track from big  Christmas and New Year Eve  holiday!

BeScouted Creative Projects is a revolutionary tool for all models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists ant others that will allow all of you to organise photoshoots saving you a lot of time and grey brain cells 🙂 You will no longer need to contact each candidate separately, all you will have to do is to describe your project, add the roles you are casting for and all other BeScouted members will be able to apply to your project. You just do the things you usually do and come back after some time to confirm those participants that you like. All confirmed participants will be added to specific project conversation, so no need to navigate through different separate conversations with your team members anymore.

This is how the project will look like in the casting stage :


And this is how your project will look like after it has been completed and images uploaded.


There are many more things you will be able to do. And yes we will have attachments in messages within Creative Projects 🙂

Making money while doing what you love was never so easy before.