Everybody Can Be A Star

Pre-registration is Over. Screenshots Revealed.

BeScouted has stopped pre-registration on March 20th and our Team is excited to announce that we are going LIVE March 31st! We would like to thank all the preregistered members for their time and effort, for all positive feedback we have received during development of main features of BeScouted.
We at BeScouted believe that the freelance community deserves the opportunity to work in a reliable and safe environment, thus we will be providing a sophisticated rating system for better decision making when choosing project members for your Creative Projects, implementing number unique features, such as BeScouted Matches, Double Talents, and of course Creative Projects module that will allow users to quickly browse available assignments by locations, apply to them and create stunning visuals together with other BeScouted talents. Some of these features will be implemented in the first stage that will launch March 31st some other will take some additional time to develop but eventually will be there.
So we invite you all to join us on March 31st, share the news with your network and with your help and feedback we will be continuing to do our best to provide you with convenient and nice looking working environment.
Have a Dream. Make a Wish. BeScouted