Everybody Can Be A Star

Photographer Laura Norinkeviciute interview for BeScouted.

Today we had an interview with a young Lithuanian photogapher Laura Norinkeviciute.

BeScouted: When did you start taking your first pictures?
Well, that started a long time ago. I always loved photography. Before loving it, I always wanted to try to take pictures. I remember when I was a little girl (about 5 years old), I started to wish to have my first camera. All my wishes were connected with photography. It looked like unexplored world. So my dreams came true – parents gave me a gift, old fashion style camera with tape. It was cheap but for me it looked like the best gift ever. I brought it with me everywhere – to excursion with class, village, holidays with parents. Photos were not the masterpiece but I like them even now, I took pictures of other people the most. Some are too bright, too dark but they were the first, so they’re amazing.

BeScouted: Can you tell more about your style?
Talking about these days, I could say that my style is related with truth and fiction at the same time, colors, experiments. I like to put a lot of things together and make one overall art piece.
I always try to experiment with different looking models and put them in a situation that they could express themselves, show who they really are.
Some people say that my style is multilayered. Well, I think that one picture is like a painting. Everything has a meaning – every leaf on a ground, trees in the background or the position of a model’s fingers.

BeScouted: What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date?
All shoots or works mean a lot for me, they all are full of me, my time, my efforts, other people’s time too. Well, without any doubts I can say that the most exciting event were my personal Glitchy Heat event. It was on 2013 autumn. I made a photo/video installation with my colleague from university. It was project on a big wall all night. There were awesome performances, a lot of music, crowd of people and visuals. It is very important for me, the event was successful. Now I’m thinking to do the second version in spring.
But talking more exactly, I can mention my photo project “PRO-jections”. Also, shoot “RAY”. Both are not old (2014). There are a lot of important single shots as well.

BeScouted: Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited?
Not really. First, I am a student in Lithuania, so it’s hard to travel while studying. Second, I am thinking about international projects including some different culture artists for one piece of art.
But while traveling I like to contact some random people and make art in that place impromptu. So everything – in the future.

BeScouted: What are biggest challenges for you as a photographer ?
One of the biggest challenges is to move forward and do better. For myself, and then for others. I always try to be more flexible and open for new ideas. I call it like challenge because you never know how far you can go conceptually. So I just risk, do experiments, communicate with new persons and step forward.
Another one is physical strength. I am very slim, sometimes it is hard to work all day or, for the idea, do something physically difficult. I do sports but it is different. It’s funny, too, actually. Often we laugh with team of my poses because those come really fashionable, strange and extraordinary too (smiling).

BeScouted: Where do you look for models, makeup artists and other team members?
Well, it’s been enough time for me to find a lot of right people for this kind of art. A lot of professionals I already know, with some of them we work more than once. In Lithuania there are really great looking models (the problem they are not too willing to work with young photographers). Also, we have a lot of incredible makeup artists. So it is not hard to reach them – find on Facebook or agency websites, and just remember what I already know. The less we have are hair stylists and designers.
I have my team but it is always nice to create with someone else, get some more new information, ideas, thoughts that can merge and be spread as a new project. So project such as BeScouted would greatly help in finding new talents and team members.

BeScouted: What’s the best and worst thing about being a photographer?
There are no vacations because when friends ask “Are you free to get drunk?”, there comes an understanding that you never are free. Free time comes when photographer says that right now he/she can go to rest. That means that there is no enough time for a lot of things – sleep, food, sun, closed eyes, holidays. Of course, everything depends on person. Also, always there are like a thousand ideas that were not realized yet. And they boil in your head until they are put to life.

BeScouted: Give us 5 facts about you people may not know?
Laura:  I love making gifts without reason. When I was a little, I used to eat plants cause they looked tasty. Yep, I’m weird. No bad accidents yet.  Often I see mystic visions/flashbacks about very old wild cultures, sign, symbols. I hate hash-tags. They make no sense. I don’t like Marilyn Monroe. 

BeScouted: What qualities a good photographer should possess?
Flexibility (not physical only), be social, courage to express yourself, confidence, quick thinking, good body shape, strong vision, desire to create art or work commercially, responsibility, good mood.

BeScouted: What would be your advice for those that only start their way in becoming a photographer or have such a dream?
My advice – do it! If you really want this – join and practise. Without practise there won‘t be any quality. Don‘t be that jerk who takes photos with smart phone and puts on Instagram. Real photography is back in the past. Read photography history, try understand the concept, practise a lot, than you‘ll be ready to show yourself without any bad thoughts. Then write to me and say HI.