Everybody Can Be A Star

Makeup Artist Grite Interview for BeScouted.

We have met an inspiring makeup artist Grite Maruskeviciute and she kindly agreed to share some insights of her work.


BeScouted:First off all tell us how it all has started?
Grite: It started when I took mother’s lipstick first time into my hands.

BeScouted: Did you always dream of becoming make up artist?
rite: I started to dream about make-up artist profession after first fashion shows when I was modeling. Those make up art rooms, backstage was so magical for me…

BeScouted: What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date?
rite: The most valuable and memorized work was in SLA Paris academy, where I improved my skills with the best Paris Opera make up artist.

BeScouted: Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what’s your favorite city that you have visited?
Grite: I’m working a lot in Lithuania, because my job is not only make up. I’m also organizing make up lessons and presentations for woman. But sometimes I have opportunity to visit other countries with my work. The last trip was to Paris.

BeScouted: We know, that you used to do modeling work too. Why did you quit?
Grite: I didn’t quit. I’m still modeling, but now I’m really concentrated to my make up career.

BeScouted: Is it hard to do makeups? If, yes, what is the most difficult part?
Grite: For me it’s absolutely easy. My hands are working by themselves.

BeScouted: What’s the best and worst thing about being makeup artist?
Grite: No bad things J Maybe it’s a bit difficult to guess, predict client’s wishes. The best thing, that I can create beauty.

BeScouted: Give us 5 facts about you people may not know?
Grite: I am addicted to good food. I cannot live without traveling. I jumped out of the plane with parachute when I was only 13 🙂 Sleep – is my best friend. I adore red lipsticks and good quality perfumes.

BeScouted: What qualities a good makeup artist should possess?
Grite: Commercial secret (smiling). Most important thing is to be kind, patient and to feel your client’s/model’s wishes and the most important thing is to see the best make up vision you are going to do.

BeScouted: What would be your advice for those that only start their way in becoming a makeup artist, o have such a dream?
Grite: Believe in yourself, concentrate only on your own works, don’t stop to learn, to improve and the most important thing is practice a lot!