Everybody Can Be A Star

Small step towards big changes.

Even a thousand miles trip, starts with a first step.

Hello everybody! We are very excited to present to you the first step of what our team has been working on for almost a year now. Although only a small part of project is visible a lot of work is undergoing at the moment and there are big changes upcoming by the end of the year to online community.

These changes first of all will have an impact on freelance community of models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, retouchers i.e. everybody who is involved in creation of creative imagery. We felt that there is a lack of options for such instruments and we strongly believe that integrating different implementations into single standalone free  online tool will help you to organize, manage and showcase your Creative Projects in much more fun, effective, and rewarding way.

Even more, we believe and that in the future these new solutions will influence how creative projects are managed worldwide. All freelancers working in the abovementioned fields should find this project exciting as we are confident to say that this will be a unique breakthrough in a way how team members are scouted,  Creative Projects are managed, showcased and visibility they will generate for projects participants together with a unique rating system will be very much different from what we are accommodated to see today.

We also have to mention that this will be an ultimate tool for talent scouts, so anybody who is concerned about their career in the fields mentioned above are advised to join us now. It’s free. Preregister with us now, and we will keep you informed on our progress.

Have A Dream. Make A Wish. BeScouted.